website designer. entrepreneur. dog mom. personality-test enthusiast. freedom seeker. fiction reader. sunshine addict. 

Hi, I'm Linsey

And I’m here to help you uplevel and build a more sustainable relationship with your business through holistic website design. 

I’ve always wanted my life to feel like there was a lot of room to breathe.

I liked my nursing job, but I started to understand the importance of holistic health versus modern medicine and realized that I wanted a career that would give me space to live a healthier lifestyle.

Long shifts messed with my sleep schedule and the work-work-work, go-go-go culture just didn’t align with my long-term vision anymore.

from an ICU nurse to a
website designer for
holistic business owners

Chances are, if you’ve landed on this page, you have.
You also craved the freedom to make your own rules and routines the same way I did.

Yet I saw so many entrepreneurs who were so BUSY running their businesses, they didn’t get to fully enjoy the independence they now had. And I saw that expressing their brand visually was a big part of the reason why!

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have you felt the same way? 

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Starting Linsey Rhyne Co allowed me to create space for a better lifestyle and now I help other female entrepreneurs do the same! 

Health, Wellness, & Freedom 

Foundations of LRC Design

Slow living becomes possible when your business starts running itself. This is why our design projects combine efficiency + quality to create an incredibly smooth + easy process for each client.

Creating a website requires us to get to know your unique personality and business goals to create holistic website aesthetics that resonate + convert

Holistic & Immersive Experience 

Modern Pace

Life’s Little Joys

Find me reading by a fire, hanging out with my two dogS, hiking in perfect 75 degree weather, and doing all the other little things that make life worth living! 

Schitt’s Creek 

ew, david.

binge-watching schitt's creek

ew, david.


Favorite way to END THE DAY

fiction novels

favorite way to end my night, hands down


learning a new sport has massively improved my mental health

raw milk

few things are as wholesome as my weekly trip to the local farm

i'm currently obsessed with . . .

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