What is Holistic Website Design, Anyway?

Is holistic website design another way of saying I only design websites for health and wellness professionals?  Not really.

There’s that word again — holistic.  If, like me, you’re all about a healthy, balanced lifestyle, you’ve heard it come up a few times.  And it might feel to you like the health and wellness industry has claimed ownership of what it means to be “holistic,” but the word has value in other industries, too.  We just don’t hear it often.

So when I’m in the inquiry phase with a new client,  I’m almost always asked some version of this question: “Holistic web design?  Do you only design for health and wellness professionals?”

My answer?  Kind of.

I love designing for health professionals, and I’m passionate about the balance that Western and holistic medicine can bring to your life, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with my definition of “holistic.”

When I talk about holistic web design, I’m referring to the idea that every single part of you is interconnected to make a whole person.  Every single facet of your being is layered together to make you YOU.

And as a designer, I want to get to know all the different pieces of you and your brand to wholly represent you and help you stand out in the digital marketplace.  

I’m not only interested in your pricing guide, brand colors, and ideal client avatar.  Those things are important, of course, but I really want to deliver personality-packed aesthetics to your clients so you can let your authenticity shine. 

Why?  Because authenticity creates trustworthiness, and trustworthiness converts potential clients into paying customers.

Every part of you and your biz are important, and your unique qualities are the little things that will connect most with the clients you want to work with.

So, what about me?

There are pieces of my personality layered throughout my web design and digital presence that might have brought you right here to this blog today (hi!)  Here are the parts of myself that I leaned on as I created my own holistic website design for LRC:

>> minimalist design — LOVE IT  (both online and in my home).

>> being outdoors lights. me. up.  I’m at my best surrounded by nature.

>> I believe that Western and holistic medicine are both super important for balanced wellness.

>> I love my husband, for sure, but a sad girl breakup playlist is usually my go-to soundtrack — IDK…it’s just part of who I am.

None of this has anything to do with my offers or the services I can provide for you, BUT this has everything to do with connecting to you.  

There are so many web designers out there to work with, but I’m the only one who designs like me — and you’re the only one who works like you do, too.  We might as well be ourselves.

So how does holistic website design work in practice?

If you choose to work with me on a custom or semi-custom design, I’m going to want to know all about you and your biz — your offers, your goals, your numbers AND what music you listen to, your favorite morning bevvy, and what you like to do in your time off.

The goal is to create a customized website strategy for your business and an intentional design that feels like you to convert the clients you’ve always wanted to work with.

Here’s what to look forward to:

>> we’ll have a chat to talk about goals and challenges with your current site

>> then, you’ll complete my holistic website design questionnaire, where I really get to know you and your brand values

>> you’ll send over your copy and brand photos

>> i’ll get to work designing a one-of-a-kind website to showcase your unique personality and business

And creating a functional website that is intended for and inspired by YOU is truly my happy place.  

I’m not just designing a one-size-fits-all website. 

I’m designing a website that honors the holistic parts of you and your business, using your passions as a foundation to attract the people who need you, and allowing your quirks to shine so you and your client can make a connection.

So do I only design for health and wellness professionals?

Mostly, yes.  (It’s just what I’m passionate about)

But when I talk about holistic website design, I’m talking about a design process that transcends industry.  You can have a holistic approach to your website in the food industry, in education, in the arts, in beauty — because there is only one you no matter what you’re working on.  Your website should absolutely reflect that.

Ready to take your website to the next level with a holistic design?  Click here to start the holistic website design process!  I can’t wait to work with you.

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