Top Reasons Why I’m a Showit Website Designer

A Design Love Story

I got serious with a website design and hosting platform this year. Yep, it’s official. I’m exclusively a Showit website designer. And TBH, the road to get to “the one for me” was long and winding. I kind of dated around a lot.

I mean, it’s literally never been easier to DIY a great website.

You’ve got Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Shopify… So many hosting platforms that can meet you at your website-building skill level, from “never even thought about websites til this very moment” to “I’ve been coding since I was five.” 

No matter where you fall on the web design spectrum, there’s a place for you.  Which is great.

But, I’ve decided to get official with my absolute favorite and I’m ready to break up with all the others.

Guys, for me, it’s all about…

Showit! 😍

And if you’ve used Showit, my enthusiasm for this platform will likely not surprise you.  IYKYK.

really love building a website in Showit.  For a lot of reasons.

Here are my absolute top reasons why I’m only a Showit website designer:

>> It’s so easy to use

Crazy easy.  You’re not going to waste time learning new software here.  You don’t even need to know how to code.  No coding.  Zip. Zero. Simple to make. Simple to update. Always working for your business.

>> But it’s also completely customizable

Seriously.  You can have a dream website from an intuitive platform without having to take a class on website building, or Google-ing how to perform every single step.  You can just build a beautiful site.  That fits your brand. Your colors. Your fonts. Your style. Your layout. Yes, please.

Plus, Showit offers:

>> full creative freedom

Kind of touched on this with the customizable bit, BUT I’ve worked in platforms that have you boxed in to their layouts, their style — or you needed to know how to code to break out of the box. Not here. Full creative freedom at any skill level right from the beginning. Love it!

>> separate mobile design

As a Showit website designer, it’s easy for me to make sure your site looks great no matter where your views are coming from. Showit is built so intuitively you can make sure your website looks professional on desktop and mobile views with a single click.

>> easy integration with Google Analytics

You’ll know who’s visiting, how they’re finding you, the journey they’re taking on your site, and how long they’re sticking around. Stats like these are invaluable in making sure your website is evolving with your biz. Checking out your Google Analytics will let you know what’s working, what’s not, and how best to serve your ideal customer.

>> excellent tools for SEO

Your SEO matters, and Showit has the right tools to help everyone from the SEO novice to the seasoned pro — with strategic SEO in place, you’ll help the right people find you at the right time. And Showit is by far the most accessible to help you do that. You won’t need to outsource, unless you want to.

>> great customer service

The good news? I haven’t run into many issues in my time as a Showit website designer, BUT when I have a question, their customer service team has been so helpful. My question is answered quickly and in a way that I can implement what’s needed immediately. Five gold stars!

>> and the most professional visual experience (your clients are gonna love it)!

Need I say more?

Showit is the website hero we all need.  I’m so proud to design exclusively for Showit, and to use their tools to give you the website you’ve always wanted.

So needless to say… Showit gets my final rose. I’m ready to put a ring on it. 💍

If you’re feeling like Showit might be the one for you, too, click here to connect with me on IG.

I’ll be there with plenty of Showit tips to help you make the most of your new site! Or if you want the inside scoop on how I personally use Showit to elevate your digital brand and offers (I’ve done it for my own site, too), click here to join me on the LRC email newsletter! See you there!

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