Looking For Showit Website Templates? Here’s What to Expect.

All your template FAQ’s answered here. 😊

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At my core, I’m a textbook minimalist. Always looking for ways to simplify, streamline, and declutter. Like, they know my name at my local donation center. If I’ve got a free afternoon, you can usually find me cleaning out a closet. So when I decided to create Showit website templates for you, minimalism was my go-to vibe.


I wanted to create accessible templates that give you (and your clients) an elevated online experience, without the hassle and heavy lifting that can come with building (and coding) a brand-new website.

Who has time for that?

My motto: uplevel, but keep it simple.

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So how does a minimalist vibe impact LRC’s Signature Showit website templates?

You’re busy running your biz, right? Probably stepping outside your comfort zone (and job title) to tackle all the “need to’s” that come with making it happen. Are you your own accountant, social media manager, administrative assistant, and marketing director?

I see you. Let’s be real…I’ve been you.

You don’t have time to add web designer to the list.

Our Showit website templates were designed with a streamlined flow, anticipating everything your site will need, and laid out in a way that’s easy for your visitors to navigate. You don’t have to think about strategy or client journey with our templates. Pop your copy and photos in place, hit publish, annnnnd you’re done. Cross your website off the list.

But, if you want to change a few things to better suit your brand and messaging, you can do it WITHOUT CODING…minimalism also applies to the function of the Showit hosting platform. You can have a beautiful, effective, converting website with minimal website knowledge. What a win.

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What to expect from LRC’s Showit website templates…

Streamlined design. Intuitive hosting platform. But wait! There’s more!

Here are some of my fave pro’s on this website design option:

>> ZERO coding. (yep, I said it. NONE.) 🥳

>> They’re mobile AND desktop friendly. Your clients will see a well-designed site no matter where they’re coming from. 📱

>> Installation is super easy, with step-by-step instructions, so you can get your site up and running quickly. 😌

>> The templates are customizable to your brand — it is absolutely possible to use a template AND stand out from the crowd. 👏

>> Did I mention you get launch support from me? 🙋‍♀️

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But how many Showit website templates are there to choose from?

There are five. You pick the template that best fits your brand, your vibe, your style, and go! Each template was thoughtfully created for a specific aesthetic. You can choose from:

The Original Signature

She’s elegant and timeless, but never boring. She turns heads when she walks into the room. She’s the woman everyone wants to take a photo with. She’s kind, warm, and unapologetic. She knows what she stands for and she isn’t afraid to go for it.

An iPad showcasing the Original Signature Showit website templates.

Wild Sunset

She’s boho, carefree, and free-spirited. She has a mind of her own and she isn’t afraid to do things her own way. Inspired by a modern, boho, earthy vibe, Wild Sunset brings a personality unlike any other. 

Summer Nights

She’s easy-going, relaxed, and dependable — in the best way. She will let you borrow her clothes and she loves a summer date night. She makes you feel instantly comfortable like you can tell her anything!

IPad showcasing Summer Nights Showit website templates.

Ocean Waves

She’s soulful, passionate, and inspirational. She’s a heartfelt visionary that sees the potential that others don’t. She doesn’t settle for the easy path. She’s relational, emotional, and loves a deep, personal conversation.

Soft Clay

She is lovely, gentle, and graceful. She leans into her feminine and playful side. She appreciates the little things and loves to dress up for a fancy date night. 

Computer showing Soft Clay Showit website templates.

So I purchased my favorite template…now what?

You’ve got options.

You can choose to:

>> insert your own copy, photos, colors, etc. and hit publish in record time…maybe even the day of purchase…whaaaaat?


>> get some extra support from me with a semi-custom design option. Basically, you pick a template, and I set it up…with a one-week turnaround…whaaaaat?

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In the spirit of minimalism, it’s always a good time to declutter and refresh your brand and your website.  My hope is that these templates will make it easy for you to up-level, but keep it simple. 🤗

Make sure you pop over to the LRC website to check them out!

In the meantime, got template questions?  I’ve got template answers. 👇 

Click here to connect with me. Can’t wait to chat!

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