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What to do when you need to make it work with what you’ve got. So you need a low-cost website design? Maybe you’re setting up a new biz, you’re ready to refresh the site you DIY’ed, or maybe you need to pivot. You’ve set a budget and are ready to start the hunt for the […]

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All your template FAQ’s answered here. 😊 At my core, I’m a textbook minimalist. Always looking for ways to simplify, streamline, and declutter. Like, they know my name at my local donation center. If I’ve got a free afternoon, you can usually find me cleaning out a closet. So when I decided to create Showit […]

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A Design Love Story I got serious with a website design and hosting platform this year. Yep, it’s official. I’m exclusively a Showit website designer. And TBH, the road to get to “the one for me” was long and winding. I kind of dated around a lot. I mean, it’s literally never been easier to […]

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Spoiler: Yep. Here’s how to decide whether a DIY website template or custom website design suits your biz. I stepped outside my comfort zone in 2023. Until then, I’d spent my time as a web designer comfortably providing 1:1 custom design services to clients in the health and wellness industry. I loved it (still do), […]

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Is holistic website design another way of saying I only design websites for health and wellness professionals?  Not really. There’s that word again — holistic.  If, like me, you’re all about a healthy, balanced lifestyle, you’ve heard it come up a few times.  And it might feel to you like the health and wellness industry […]

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Just like you, I wanted to make an impact on my own terms.

I started Linsey Rhyne Co to be in charge of my schedule and to build a healthier lifestyle — but then I saw that so many entrepreneurs who started their businesses for that exact same reason were too busy to actually enjoy it.

So, I created a holistic design studio to help wellness entrepreneurs enhance their online presence, build their confidence online, and create a sustainable lifestyle. 

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